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Hi, my pseudonym is Dr. Possum, I am an artist who works with computer generated art both in 3D and 2D, and writing for children. My original training was at the Canberra School of Art where I studied Textiles and did some paintings. I have autism (nothing to be feared) and this allows me to concentrate and work very methodically with my artwork, sometimes pixel by pixel to create amazing images. This body of work is a result of my housing experience, I lived in a one bedroom flat for nearly 15 years and over the past 4 years was victimised by other tenants. Thankfully I have been moved to a beautiful new house. Anyway, my therapist suggested I write a short story to help my recovery and this is what I have come up with, 3 posters which fold up into books in a decorated box. The story is to help children conquer nightmares, eradicate fear and master their dreams.

The illustrations are the result of months of work and I feel I’ve created beautiful masterpieces which allow people to see what I am talking about, it’s a real sense of achievement! Throughout my work I’m conveying emotions linked to a sense of discovery, adventure, mystery and wonder.

H – 42 cm    W – 60 cm

This is my personal favourite because I know that children have a natural affinity with animals. The raccoons themselves look very cute in their antics. The colours are nice and dark in a subtle sort of way. I started off by making a very small image on graph-paper and then enlarging it little by little until it’s the size I want, using my trusty black pen, white paint and a fine paintbrush to fix mistakes. Next I scanned the image into the computer, digitally tidied it up and used a spray brush to colour it in, plus 3D Lightwave to create some special effects; the toy car and aeroplane plus the lighting effect and the postcard on the window, bits of cellophane and such like, this makes it look very real. When children ask me about it, I tell them a good magician never reveals his secret because I know it could ruin the romantic value for them.


H – 42 cm    W – 60 cm

This is about a boy who had horrific nightmares and his psychologist explained how to control his dreams and here we see him riding his first dream friend Thunder Dragon in the dreamscape world of Yajerobi Moon. In the illustration for this story, some of it is like a cartoon and some of it looks real – part drawing and part photograph. I drew the boy and his dragon on graph paper, enlarged it to its present size then I coloured it in with coloured pencils, I scanned it into the computer, digitally cleaned it up. Then I used a random picture from the internet which I manipulated like a soft pastel drawing effect before placing both characters over it.


Further more, my mind seems to work in 3 different levels: on the lower level in terms of children’s entertainment like stories – cartoons – toys – costumes; on the upper level in terms of documentary science programs and magazines like microscopic life – structure of the Earth – astrophysics – the whole universe; on the medium level in terms of every day living – work – leisure – special occasions – taking each day as they come; including the occasional mix of 2 or all 3 levels of my mind in some situations as well.


    I may as well continue pursuing my career with great results.......


Dr. Possum



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